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About Us

Agencia Antillana was founded by Mr. Hermann H.W. Barkhausen in 1927 in Santo Domingo, Capital City of the Dominican Republic. Mr. Barkhausen or Consul Barkhausen as he was well known in this country, was of German nationality, and as a very young man had lived and traveled extensively in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela, working for a well-known German export company and bartering mainly caoutchouc (raw rubber) and other native commodities for German goods.    Read more ...


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Our Services

We are Steel & Metal Traders. Commordity and Construction materials agents. We prepare and consolidate shipments of our products and other products that may be of interest to our clients for shipment and we deliver in the port of final destination. We locate the most competitive prices in the market and we are able to offer great opportunities while keeping the highest possible level of quality and the best time in delivery. We also make negogiate with our suppliers to that they will accept your payment terms and vice-versa. Read more ...



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Our Products   

Hierros & Aceros Ferros y nonferrous. Hierro ASTM A-36 , Palanquillas , Varillas Corrugadas, Angulos, Planchuelas , Platinas, Barras cuadradas y redondas, Alambron, Vigas H I , Canales U , Zinc Lingotes, Acero Inxoidable, cables de acero, Alambre Galvanizado, Planchas Galvanizadas, Rollos en Frio , Rollos en caliente, Tolas de Acero, Clavos de Acero y galvanizados, Tornillos Galvanizados, Clavos de Hierro para construccion, Zinc Alume, Zinc Prepintado. Ferreteros & Almacenistas: Candados , Herramientas, Bombillos, Sistemas de Gas propano y partes, Fiber Glass Screens, Screens de Aluninio, partes electicas . Maderas y derivados: Plywood y formaleta y plywood decorativo de Asia, Brazil, USA. Maderas - Caoba, Cedro, Pino, Meranti, Lauan, SYP de Brazil y USA. Chip Board & Hard Board ( carton prensado ) Otros: PVS , Plasticos , Quimicos, especies. Read more ...



Contact Us

Our Postal address:
P.O. Box 739
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Our Package delivery  address:
Calle Seminario No. 54

Piantini, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

PBX Tel. No.   809-540-4161  Fax:   809-566-6712  and / or  809-565-7693

General Email for any inquiry: info@antillana.com 


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Deformed Re-enforcing bars, Steel Billets, Wire Rod, Merchant Bars, Steel Tubing black and Galvanized, Steel Sheets and Plates, Corrugated Galvanized Roofing Sheets, CRC, HRC, HDGC, Stainless Steel Sheets and Coils, Zinc Ingots, Aluminum Billets, Aluzinc & Prepainted sheets and coils, ZED Purling, Common Wire Nails, Roofing Nails, Staples and Masonry Nails, Flux and Silicate Sodium and Welding Electrodes,   Wire Welded Mesh, Barb Wire,  Aluminum Strips and Sheets and Coils, Copper Wire Rod , Lumber , Plywood , Chemicals, Hardware store supplier, Machinery , Cranes, parts, Cement White & Gray. 

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